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The Netherlands

A country enriched by various inland seas, the lower reaches of the Rhine, the Escaut and the Meuse, riddled with a vast and picturesque network of canals, with long coastlines and surrounded by strings of islands in the North Sea. Each family has their own boat, and the Dutch have developed a culture based on sailing which is so large that the sale of second-hand boats has become a real institution in this country.


A unique feature in The Netherlands, created to satisfy the country’s inhabitants tastes and love of sailing. These are markets which are reserved for the sale of second-hand boats from private sellers to private buyers. There, you can find superb boats and you can take your time and take a walk along the jetties, looking to discover a second-hand boat thanks to the large number of boats in all shapes and sizes that are on display there. No matter what kind of boat you are looking for to meet your needs, we will guide you to the right harbour.

The steel boats of the Netherlands

These boats offer great qualities - they are suitable for use on rivers or also at sea all year round. These boats offer great qualities - they are suitable for use on rivers or also at sea all year round. They are habitable and very comfortable with ultra-spacious rear cabins, and always with plenty of headroom.

Robust, secure, economic, very autonomous with a large sphere of action - they have a double cockpit, are easy to manoeuvre thanks to their long keel and their bow thruster, and finally their timeless shape. All of these features mean that these boats keep their value for many years, thus preserving your capital.


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